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Visionscape Express

Compact, Stanadalone Machine Vision System for Industrial Applications

Acuity 1000 Vision Accelerator Family

Intelligent frame grabbers with on-board acceleration, high-speed image memory, and dedicated digital I/O. Supports digital or analog cameras.

Acuity 2000 Vision Processor

A complete, high-performance vision system in a single, PCI slot. Offloads all vision tasks from the host-PC. Supports digital or analog cameras.

Visionscape Software Family

The Visionscape software environment for the RVSI Acuity CiMatrix family of vision processors encompasses proven complete solutions for many applications and vertical markets. 

Visionscape BGA Inspection

BGA inspection software for Acuity 2000 processors. 100% inspection for BGA/CSP sphere attach, singulation, handling & test applications.

Visionscape Mark Inspection

Mark inspection software for Acuity 2000 processors. Comprehensive mark defect detection for in-line or final inspection of semiconductor components.

Visionscape Package Visual Inspection

Semiconductor package inspection software for Acuity 2000 processors. Mold or die defect detection for in-line or final inspection.

Visionscape Die Alignment & Inspection


Semiconductor die alignment & inspection software for Acuity 2000 processors. For die pick & place applications including bumped die inspection.

Visionscape I-PAK

Label verification & inspection system for validated pharmaceutical/packaging applications. Acuity 2000 series processor & software or integrated system configurations.

Powervision Family

General purpose vision systems designed to handle even the most complex industrial inspection, gauging, identification, & guidance applications.

Powervision Flex Acquisition Options


Powervision system variant to support non-standard video input options, such as from high-resolution or line scan cameras.

Powervision Vision Guided Motion Option


Software tools for economically integrating machine vision and motion/cell control.

IVS Intelligent Vision Sensor Family


High-speed inspection systems supporting one to four cameras for simple inspection applications. Board level and standalone configurations.

IVS Express


A cost-effective, single-camera Intelligent Vision Sensor configuration that meets high-volume manufacturers' requirements for consistent quality.

Power BGA Inspection System

Comprehensive BGA inspection system on a Powervision platform.



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